Anki and SRS

After noticed quite a few language sites and bloggers refer to using Anki and SRS, and how powerful the SRS approach is to learning. I’ve been so engrossed in trying to schedule and structure my study method that I have not spent time looking into this until a few days ago. All I can say is wow! So many features and using Anki to learn is definetely a way to enhance and help you make stronger cognitive connections to words, sentence or kanji.

There is a great series of vlogs, tweets and more from Shawn Crowder – who documented his 1 year plan for learning Japanese. Really interesting stuff and his systematic and thorough approach do cover use of Anki and other tools in great detail, so check them out. Also – being a drummer myself, I am biased to his content 🙂

I love these photos – so check them out on Flickr if you want to see more.