Progress Update

So its been about 2 months (or 48 days really ) since I decided to learn Japanese and aim for the N5 JLPT exam. In terms of my progress, I’m finding that I’m squarely in the mental mode of thinking more resources are better – so I am definitely spending too much time looking for the ‘next killer app’ instead of just doing some studying! But human nature right.

In keeping with the approach that I see across all the ‘learning Japanese’ blogs, vlogs and sites, I have started capturing more data points for analytics. I am using Anki, Memrise and my own italki hours as a mechanism for tracking.

Thus far I have learnt (and feel pretty confident) that I know all the hiragana, and I’m looking to start with katakana next week. In order to improve my vocabulary I am using the Japanesepod101 daily words and vocab sheets, and I have the Tango N5 book incoming from OMGJapan. (yes, more resources seem better still 🙂

Looking at the amount of words I know, it is roughly at 40 or so, and I’ve got 90min of italki time in the bag – and this focused on Genki I.

Kyoto, Japan - Sept 2019
Progress in Kyoto?


On the resources front, I have found this Nuke Marine site valuable for links to work through. I have not checked them all out though as yet.

The **uber** list of resources which will keep you busy for weeks is this one from yudataguy – really fantastic!