Japanese Rock Music

Being a big fan of rock music, an important thing I’ve been trying to track down are some good Japanese rock/metal bands to check out. My initial idea was to potentially listen to some alternative Japan based streaming radio services – this would allow me to both begin tuning my ears to the language, and also picking up tips on bands to follow.

This has proved really challenging! Partly due to the limit on external countries streaming Japan local radio (easily worked around with likes of ExpressVPN), but also just the basic hurdle of *finding* any to begin with, with makes this a non-starter.

Kiyoshi is interesting (and super talented) but not 100% my thing.

Travel Logistics

I was hoping to start planning for another Japan trip – but due to the pandemic this is proving an extremely challenging situation for all international travelers. Fingers crossed we can all navigate past these turbulent times.

On a somewhat related side note – subway stations in Tokyo each have their own unique melody or jingle to show trains arriving – I seriously love this idea, and listening the variants at each new station kept me entertained while switching trains.

BTW –Tokyo Ghoul is a good manga to check out if you like more supernatural type content. I am still on the hunt for something with a good story and yet readable for me in Japanese – but I think that’s a few years off yet 🙂

Give the Mad Capsule Markets a listen

Mad Capsule Markets

On the learning front – I’m ‘anki-ing’ up a storm. Making custom decks using my own words helps me stay on track with improving my vocabulary, and these are all related to things/place/actions I interact with frequently, so its relevant. That is the important part!