Even though I’m a big rock music fan, I’ve recently been listening to lots of podcasts. Definitely feels there is a resurgence in this space of late – and there are really good quality shows available across platforms like Spotify, Stitcher etc. Depending on your interests, some of these could be worthwhile to give a listen and see if it pique’s your interest.

1 – Deep Dive from The Japan Times

Interesting variety of topics hosted by Japan Times journalist Oscar Boyd. Nice mix of culture, politics and topical issues. Episode length varies, but 40min usually.

2 – JapanesePod101

Of course as I’m trying to work towards passing the N4 exam next year in June – any podcast to help me understand and learn more about the Japanese language, I’m game. For some reason the domain name JapanesePod101 just sounds dodgy, but after seeing this pop up all over the show, I decided to check this out. Good thing I did.

Great site (I have also subscribed in the interim) and enjoy these short snippets about the language. Episodes are typically under 10min, so very easy to find time to get this into busy lives.

3 – The Tofugu Podcast

Nice podcast focused on learning Japanese, with the odd side story along the way. I enjoy these and the detail the hosts go into.

4 – Japan Station

Interesting series hosted by Tony Vega where different guests every week talk about a variety of topics related to Japan.

5 – Samurai Archives

Just got into this because I enjoy military strategy and history – so having this combined is win for me. Early days, but so far this is really an interesting podcast. Can’t believe there are close to 200 episodes of this – wow!