As all aspects of life becomes more challenging globally for us all – I am happy that I have managed to persevere and continue learning Japanese; almost daily.

I have noticed that those weeks that are really busy with other activities, and I happen to skip a day or two of reading, writing really has a noticeable affect. So no matter how small the amount is – I’m making concerted effort to practice often.

iTalki is probably the single biggest driver for me to continue progressing. I am doing a lesson per week, and my aim is to continue to do so until the JLPT exam next year June.

In terms of vocabulary, after 5 months I’m probably at about 400 words with approximately 50 kanji (read and write). I’ve slipped on using WaniKani lately, so need to get back to that in coming months. However spending time speaking Japanese on iTalki is more beneficial I think.

In other news – the anime ‘Demon Slayer’ has cashed in ¥10 billion in the fastest time recorded.

Demon Slayer – 2020

Also – some great podcasts for those days when you walking your dog, or having a coffee somewhere.